AFTER PARTY ft. Avinash Bhat [Music Video] Lyrics

Brodha V

From the edge of available light, a life form
Arrives, the biggest hype since the iPhone
Sound checking through a microphone
Make the Big Bang sound like a Xylaphone, playing a Mile from Home
Its Brodha V, take a closer look at me
From Bangalore City, I be bringing the heat
A night life ban, huh, I be taking my chance
Spinning my hand, cuz I can, and break into dance
With the Bass from the Speaker, I impound ya chest
And come around clubs where Beats be sounding fresh, Check it
Kick it with the rhythm, energy infinity
Ladies getting jiggy within my vicinity
Do the Boogie Down, get u women off your seat
I bet u saw em coming like it was a prophecy
Now my, mind rates as I try and locate
To find a date, the one with the finest cake

Drop that Body
I like the way you moving it
At the Party
I think I'm love
Grab that hottie ,yeah
And do it all night long
After Party
And I think I'm in Love

Now the truth is, we're only here to Celebrate Music
Y'all clueless, like 'How does Brodha V do it?'
I Spit a lyrical flow that's so fluid
To grooves even the moral police wanna move it
We party loud, the wave-forms travel into
Planets where Aliens got their dance floors trembling
And girls giggling, jumping up and jiggling
Licking up the lemon with the liquor they be sipping in
The shy set of women, High percentage of them
Hyperventilate as I set my eyes on them
The Cutie with a booty truly so hot
Looking at me like 'Brodha V would you do me or not?'
She got the flavour that favours my mind
Crafted by God, with the Latest design
Mature and Nice as she acts with Class
But tonight is the night imma tap that .....

Yo AB, Kick in that Indian Flavour for me